^Nova^ my special angel

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"One who has lived never truly dies,
but crosses a bridge into the next life
where all is peaceful and the breeze always whispers of lasting love.
May it ease our sadness a bit to know that our precious memories will be
a bridge between this world and the next,
between our loved ones and ourselves."

~ author unknown ~


This is the story of ^Nova^ my sweet angel ~
02/05/03 - 11/16/03
^Nova^ came into my life after I found him online at PetFinder.com. He was born February 5, 2003 then abandoned with his mom and 7 brothers and sisters in a parking lot. I fell in love with his wonderful tri coloring. He was so unique, all the others in his litter were dark or light brown. He was the biggest of the bunch also; he came home at 8 weeks old weighing a hefty 13 lbs.
The day was April 13, 2003, I was so excited to bring my sweet boy home, I arrived early to fill out the remaining paperwork. Then one of the girls went back to get him so we could have our picture taken together, she brought out this handsome ball of fur kissing away.....ahhh how I miss those puppy kisses.....
I had not thought of how I was gonna get him home, I just figured he would be good and sit in the passenger seat, how naive was I? The harness I bought him was too big and he wanted so desparately to see out the window!! I had to hold him while I was driving, it was a good thing that we did not have too far to go!
^Nova^ and I spent a lot of time together, he went to work with me every day, sleeping under my chair, eating the paper in the recycling bin, playing with the clients that would come in....he loved just about everyone!
^Nova^ was my everything, when times got tough ^Nova^ would lift my spirits with his "smile" and constant kissing. He loved going to the beach even though I would always keep him on the leash, I was always so afraid that he would bolt! I did let him off once when we were on the beach in Washington with my neighbors dog, Oliver, he loved Oliver he followed him everywhere, so he came back! ^Nova^ loved playing with the bigger dogs, especially Oliver, he would "wrestle" him in the living room and run around the apartment, he loved him!

Mama are you done taking my picture?

How handsome am I?

Taking a break from playing!